2023 Professional Enrichment Program for Elementary Teachers (Summer Intensive Edition)


It is summer time. For school teachers and students that mostly means vacation. At GIGE, that means we have the luxury of organizing longer in-person teacher training programs. For the August programs, we have a set of core and elective modules taught by the GIGE teacher trainers along with special guest lecturers on topics like utilization of storybooks in the elementary classroom, AI Pengtalk, and incorporating international partnerships between schools. The trainees get to wind down at GIGE from the past school year while enjoying the food, use of facilities, networking with other Gyeonggi teachers and participating in classroom activities.


Date(s): Tuesday, August 8th ~ Friday, August 11th, 2023

Location: Gyeonggi-do Institute for Global Education

Participants: 60 Gyeonggi Elementary Teachers


Core Module Blurbs

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Socio-Emotional Learning Through Storybooks

Instructor: Betsey Norman

Description: In this module, trainees will explore the basics of social and emotional learning (SEL) and how it relates to the elementary EFL classroom. Trainees will get to experience storybook lessons that focus on SEL themes and analyze how to adapt the SEL framework for their own use. In our practicum, trainees will create lessons utilizing storybooks or activities that deal with a particular SEL theme.

Engaging Students Through Read Alouds

Instructor: Daniel Moonasar

Description: Both teachers and students often overlook the immense value of reading aloud and the ability to create stories that engage all levels of listeners. Engaging in the act of reading aloud serves multiple purposes, including fostering self-confidence, enhancing reading comprehension, and refining speaking skills, all while allowing students to cultivate their ability for active listening. Within this module, we shall explore and practice the art of reading aloud, equipping educators and learners with invaluable skills. Additionally, we will explore resources and books for the purpose of read-aloud sessions, culminating in a sharing session about our experiences of incorporating this technique within our respective classrooms.

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Game Implementation with Story Books

Instructor: Eric Flynn

Description: Story books can be helpful in getting students to learn English. Games can be helpful in getting students to learn English. But can we combine the two? This module will give trainees suggestions, advice, and hands-on practice in melding these two learning tools into one.

Quick Writing Activities

Instructor: Maureen Kelly

Description: How do we as English teachers encourage students to write effectively and creatively in our classes? How do we integrate writing activities with other subjects like art, music, science or math so our students’ learning has richer and broader contents? In this module, we will be looking at quick easy writing activities that engage creative thinking, social media and different genres of writing. We will also play online writing games and create simple poems. Teachers, let’s have fun and discover our inner Shakespeares!

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The Teacher’s Toolbox of Classroom Resources

Instructor: Sandra Tran

Description: Effective classroom resource management is one of the keys to being a successful teacher. Whether you’re a seasoned teacher or just starting out, this module is designed to equip you with a toolbox of skills and strategies for finding, using, and adapting various resources to fit your needs in the EFL classroom. We will take a look at resources that cater to different classroom environments such as in-person classes, online classes, and no-tech classes, to ensure that you are prepared for any possible scenarios that may arise. 

Elective Module Blurbs

TV Shows

Instructor: Betsey Norman

Description: Trainees will sit back and relax as they watch an episode of a popular TV series. After viewing, trainees will discuss in small groups certain aspects of the show in a fun and light conversation meant to guide trainees to develop a deeper understanding of both the language and the central themes in the show.

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Conversation Class

Instructor: Daniel Moonasar

Description: Looking for a relaxing time and place to practice your conversation skills? In this module, we will practice conversing in English on various topics-some topics the instructors will pick and some you will pick. You don’t need to learn anything new; just practice communicating with the skills you already have … or with the help of the translator app on your phone. Join us, relax, and get a little English conversation practice in while you’re here.

Board Games

Instructor: Eric Flynn

Description: In this course, trainees will be able to play and learn a variety of easy, interesting board games and then play them with one another.

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GIGE Karaoke

Instructor: Maureen Kelly

Description: Do you enjoy singing songs? Do you enjoy listening to other people sing songs? Do you ever do karaoke with your friends? Studies show that singing and listening to music are some of the best ways to not only relieve stress but to also listen English. Thus, in this elective module we will be singing, having fun and learning English pop songs.

Coffee Tasting Class

Instructor: Sandra Tran

Description: Explore different coffee roasts and engage your senses in learning to detect coffee flavors and identify personal preferences.

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As always, if you’re interested in taking this (or any!) of our training programs here at GIGE, you can register over on our Korean site. We hope to see you soon.

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