Facilities of GIGE

1. Challenge Hall (본관동)

Notes: All classrooms are equiped with computer, speakers, screen, projector, whiteboard, desks, chairs and wifi connection.

2. Pine Hall (연수동)

Notes: While trainees are attending GIGE programs on campus, they are able to use the recreational facilities which are located on the basement floor of Pine Hall. Availability times depend on the program schedules.

3. Oak Hall (숙소동)

Notes: All dorm rooms have beds, desks, chairs, TV, bathroom, wardrobe, air conditioner and floor heating. Bedding is provided for when there are training programs. Each floor also has a lounge so trainees can socialize. In the lounge, there are tables, chairs, microwave oven, refrigerator, and water purifier machine.

4. Response Hall (강당동)

Notes: Response Hall has a large auditorium for large group lectures, meetings and gatherings along with a cafeteria. In addition, trainees can visit the library to check out and view reading materials and digital media. Availability times depend on the schedule of each program.