Meet the Instructors

Hey there! We’re the GIGE team – a small group of talented education professionals with a wide range of skills and experiences.

At GIGE, our instructors (and helpful coordinator) do a variety of different tasks and projects, primarily curriculum design; teacher training; education research; professional presentations and workshops; and publications.

We fully believe our instructors are both incredibly talented and good-looking. Scroll down to find out more about us.

Betsey Norman

GIGE Teacher Trainer

Betsey started out as a secondary language arts teacher in her home state of Minnesota before packing up and moving to Jeonju, South Korea in 2014. There, she spent six years at Chonbuk National University High School before coming to GIFLE in 2020.

Betsey has an undergrad degree (and Minnesota teaching license, for what it’s worth) in Secondary Communication Arts and Literature and a Master’s degree in Education Policy, Organization and Leadership with a concentration in Global Studies in Education. She is our resident Global Citizenship Education expert as well as a published author. Betsey enjoys writing (though not as fast as her publisher would like), reading (more than sleeping) and spending time with friends. She is cat mom to a Scottish Fold named Zuko and a Chinchilla Persian named Princess Yue.

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Eric Flynn

GIGE Teacher Trainer

Eric is GIGE’s Jack of all trades, and frankly, with his skillset, we aren’t entirely sure he’s not a spy. Eric first acquired his degree in criminal justice before joining the U.S. Air Force as an airborne linguist. While in the Air Force, he studied Modern Standard Arabic at the Defense Language Institute at the Presidio of Monterey, California. Eric’s teaching experience includes a vocational carpentry program for at-risk youth and over ten years teaching English in Korean public schools. Eric’s interests are as diverse as his history and include martial arts of all kinds, retro video games, board games, and writing.

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Sandra Tran

GIGE Teacher Trainer

Sandra has an undergrad degree in Anthropology, focusing in Socio-linguistic Anthropology and Linguistic Anthropology. She taught adult American immigrants English before coming to Korea in 2019 and spent 4 years teaching in an elementary school in Pyeongtaek.

Sandra’s quite the language-enthusiast. She grew up with Cantonese and Vietnamese spoken at home and learned English throughout primary school. Her interest in languages grew because of that, so she’s learned Spanish, Japanese, Mandarin, and Korean throughout her years in secondary school and university. Her language background as a language learner also helps her empathize with other language learners.

Sandra is a major foodie, so she enjoys finding great places to eat and studying or working in cafes when she’s not teaching or in the office.

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Daniel Moonasar

GIGE Teacher Trainer

Daniel Moonasar began his teaching career in the US where he was a certified K-12 music teacher for many years in Florida. He came to Korea in 2009 and only planned to stay for a year to experience working in Korea … but he never left. During his time in Korea, he studied and received his postgraduate degree in Educational and Social Research from the University of London. He has worked in private schools, public schools, companies, and universities across Korea.

He is also a teacher trainer for new NETs and enjoys researching and presenting at various educational conferences around the world. Daniel previously worked at GIGE for 4 years and missed it so much that he came back to help improve and gain more insight into the Korean school system as it shifts and creates its own version of a global model of education

When Daniel isn’t working, which isn’t often, he enjoys learning about science, technology, and classic cars. Looking toward his future, Daniel is deciding on pursuing a doctorate in educational psychology or clinical psychology.

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David Kim

English Program Coordinator

David was born and raised in the City of Angels, and now brings a little bit of that heavenly light to those of us at GIGE. Armed with a MA in TESOL and with experiences in Korean public schools, an English Village and American colleges and universities, he truly has a rubust experience that makes him invaluable for our programs.

David has been an avid golfer since he was a kid and a 3rd degree black belt in Taekwondo (son of a grandmaster). David is also a pickleball disciple and hopes to introduce the sport to South Koreans. Hopelessly bad at public speaking and balancing on his two feet, somehow he was able to get through the teaching profession. Luckily, now he is an English Program Coordinator at GIGE.

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