Professional Enrichment Program for Elementary Teachers (September)

Facts of the Program

Date(s): Tuesday, September 19th ~ Wednesday, September 20th (online)

Friday, September 22nd ~ Saturday, September 23rd (in-person)

Location: Gyeonggi-do Institute for Global Education

Participants: 60 Elementary Teachers

Taste of the Modules

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Reading Response Writing Activities

Instructor: Maureen Kelly

Description: How do we as English teachers give our students a sense of motivation and purpose for reading English, while developing their reading comprehension? And can we also achieve this in ways that give our students opportunities to self connect, reflect and ask & answer critical questions about what they have read?

In this module, we will be looking at post reading writing tasks for elementary students that utilize the 6 learning goals of Bloom’s Taxonomy. We will read 2 storybooks and do reading response writing tasks based on them and then discuss their importance with our students.

Teaching Elementary Reading from the Basics

Instructor: Queen Hoang

Description: This is a module that covers the absolute beginner entry into reading English using direct instruction approach to phonics. Teachers will be able to teach their students by applying the easy step by step lessons. Following that, students will be able to start reading two to three letter words from the first lesson and progress onto reading stories by the end of the program. The module will give teachers the tools to each reading effectively and build the fundamental reading skills that supports future writing skills.

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Principles of Pronunciation: Theory and Implementation

Instructor: Eric Flynn

Description: Pronunciation is a language skill that is often considered, often important, but seldom taught in classrooms. Consequently, many EFL educators feel unconfident about their methods for teaching, and their own pronunciation. This module will equip teachers with a variety of methods and activities for teaching pronunciation, as well as improving their own capability with production of problematic English sounds.

Game Crafters: Developing Listening and Speaking Games

Instructor: Sandra Tran

Descrition: Games are a fun and engaging way to have students practice English and not feel like they are “studying”. This module will focus on listening and speaking through engaging activities and lively games. From proven classroom favorites, to some new creations, we will play, learn, and even craft our own games to enhance communication skills.

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Digital Media Literacy

Instructor: Daniel Moonasar

Description: Digital media literacy (DML) is essential for students to navigate and thrive in our digital society. Few countries have developed a comprehensive curriculum, and South Korea is now exploring integrating DML into their education system. We need to answer many questions, such as how to prepare students for technological advancements and how DML fits into the EFL classroom. This module will cover the basics of DML and provide a workshop for teachers with a bottom-up approach to create ideas and activities for real classroom situations.

As always, if you’re interested in taking this (or any!) of our training programs here at GIGE, you can register over on our Korean site. We hope to see you soon.

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