Frequently Asked Questions

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Questions About Programs

What do your instructors do?

Our instructors are curriculum designers, e-learning specialists, and teacher trainers. They research the latest in education and develop modern realistic curriculum, applicable to the Korean classroom, that they then teach to thousands of educators across Korea. Our instructors are all proficient in programs such as the Articulate Suite and the Adobe Creative Suite, as well as classic Microsoft, Google, and at least one (if not more) LMS.

The instructors here at GIGE also offer special lectures and mentorships for schools and institutes around South Korea. If you’re interested in this, you can contact us here.

What kind of training programs do you offer?

GIGE is a training facility that exclusively provides professional development programs for educators and general administrative staff in Gyeonggi Province. Our programs can be divided into two types: programs related to the improvement of teaching methodology and programs related to the development of language proficiency.

Teaching Methodology Programs

In these courses, the trainees learn about new ideas or techniques that they can use in their classrooms. A variety of topics are covered during the training programs. Some topics that have been taught in the past are Performance-based Assessment, Project-based Learning, Online Teaching Techniques and Tools, and Differentiated Instruction. During the program, trainees participate in lectures and presentations and share their ideas and experiences in group discussions.

Sample Teaching Methodology Programs:

  • EPIK Teacher Training Program
  • Professional Enrichment Program for Elementary Teachers
  • Secondary English Teachers Enrichment Program for Secondary Teachers
  • English Conversation Teachers Program

Language Proficiency Programs

In these courses, the trainees desire to improve their language skills (speaking, listening, reading and writing) through content-based instruction. The trainees may be teachers who want to improve their language skills for classroom use. Or the trainees may be administrative staff who need to communicate with English speakers either domestically or internationally.

Sample Language Proficiency Programs:

  • English Conversation Program
  • Local Official’s English Program
  • School Visit Program

How do I register for a training program?

All of our training programs can be registered on GIGE’s Korean webpage: Click on “수강신청” on the bottom left corner of the webpage, find the training program, and follow the directions on how to register for the program.

Each training program has a supervisor in charge of it. For more information on the training program, you must view the official memorandum regarding the training program and contact the supervisor in charge.

All of GIGE’s training programs are offered exclusively to educators and administrative staff in Gyeonggi Province.

What is the format of the training programs?

There are three formats of the training programs: in-person, online and blended.

During in-person training programs, trainees have the opportunity to visit the GIGE campus. They get to take modules face to face with the instructor and other trainees. There are opportunities to network with other trainees and use all of facilities.

Online training programs are offered for those who are not able to come to our Anjung campus. The courses are offered in two parts: synchronously and asynchronously. Before and after the training programs, trainees may have to view various online or video content and do an assignment to preview what they are going to learn. Then the trainees will meet their instructors through Zoom Video Communications to take the actual module(s).

Blended Training Programs are a combination of in-person and online formats. Trainees get to learn with a portion of the program being online, either synchronously or asynchronously and the other portion of the program being in-person – it just depends on the program offered.

Practical Questions

Where are you located at?

We’re located way out in Anjung, Pyeongtaek. It’s a bit rural and can be difficult to get to, so please check out the about page for a complete address.

Do you have on-site parking?

We offer free on-site parking for visitors and trainees. There are plenty of spaces available in front and behind Challenge Hall.

Are there any accommodations on GIFLE campus?

When completing an in-person training course, we offer a two-person, shared dormitory room. There is also a gym, yoga studio, screen golf practice facility, ping pong tables, and billiard tables in the basement of the dormitory that trainees may use while staying in the on-site GIFLE accommodation. There is also a cafeteria where delicious meals are prepared and eaten.

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