2023 Local Officials’ English Program

Local Officials? What is that?

The local officials in Korea are the non-teaching staff that you might see at schools, local district offices, training centers, research institutes, and/or any other government organization. They hold various different occupations and roles in their organizations and/or departments. They could work in accounting, facilities management, information technology, and etc. These people are the rank and file workers in the Korean government organizations. They are the most visible when you visit any administration office.

What was the Local Officials’ English Program?

The Local Officials’ English Program was specifically for any local official in Gyeonggi Province who wanted to improve on their English language proficiency (listening, speaking, reading, writing). The modules were tailored toward helping them use English that is related to their jobs and roles in their respective organizations and/or daily life.

What courses do you offer in this program?

The trainees will take four of the five modules offered in the program. Here are the descriptions of the modules below:

Entertainment and Relationship English (Betsey Norman) – Trainees will learn how to share their favorite entertainment with others in English. They will also explore making plans with friends via message and in-person.

World Cultures and Travel English (Daniel Moonasar) – Immerse yourself in a cultural exploration with our teacher training course on World Cultures and Travel English. By the end of this course, trainees will engage in insightful discussions about diverse global cultures, understanding and appreciating the experiences and perceptions that shape them. They will be able to identify and describe various cultural customs, behaviors, and traditions, fostering a deeper appreciation for the rich tapestry of our world. Additionally, trainees practice various scenarios through travel English, equipping them with essential travel phrases. Embark on this transformative course and empower yourself to foster a global perspective and share it with the world.

English Through Sports (Eric Flynn) – Sports is one of several common topics of conversation we encounter in any language. This module will help trainees have conversations about sports and learn idioms related to sports.

Music (Maureen Kelly) – Do you enjoy listening to music? Have you ever learned to play a musical instrument? Do you attend music concerts? The role of music in your past and present daily life will be the focus of this module. You will talk about and share your past experiences with music as well as express your opinions on music
genres, famous musicians and what questions you might ask one in an interview
with them.

Business Communication (Sandra Tran) – Effective communication is important to make your thoughts clear and concise and avoid confusion between parties. This module will help to enhance your ability to convey professionalism and communicate effectively in business contexts such as phone conversations and messages/emails.

In addition, the trainees will be taking all the elective courses. Here are descriptions of the elective modules below:

Coffee Class (Sandra Tran, Daniel Moonasar) – Explore different coffee roasts and engage your senses in learning to detect coffee flavors and identify personal preferences.

Poetry and Flower Bookmarks (Betsey Norman, Maureen Kelly) – Trainees will test out their creative side while making real flower bookmarks and creating poetry.

Board Games (Eric Flynn, David Kim) – In this course, trainees will be able to play and learn a variety of easy, interesting board games and then play them with one another.

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