Secondary English Teacher Enrichment Program (May)

The Time, Place and the People

Date(s) : May 30th ~ June 1st (online) and June 3rd, 2023 (in-person)

Location : Gyeonggi-do Institute for Global Education

Number of Trainees : 60 Secondary English Teachers

Too many professional initiatives are done to teachers – not for, with or by them.

Andy Hargreaves

The About

At GIGE, we brainstorm ideas and create teaching materials that Korean teachers can utilize in their classrooms. All researched materials and resources are done by instructors who have experience teaching in Korea and district supervisors who used to be teachers themselves for over 15 years. In addition, the trainees have ample opportunity to share amongst themselves their teaching experiences while taking the various courses of the program.

This month’s training program focuses on the elective English classes that Korean high school teachers might possibly teach in their schools. Even if trainees teach middle school or do not teach one of the English elective classes, there will be ideas and resources for them to implement in regular English classes. Those discussions may be touched upon within the modules. Take a look at the introductions of the modules below.

The Intros

American and British Literature by Betsey Norman

Teaching American or British literature can be a daunting task for any EFL teacher. What book to choose? What part of the book to teach? How should it be taught? What activities to include? These questions and more will be discussed and answered in this module. In the beginning, there will be a discussion about what is literature and the different categories for teaching literature. Then there will be many tips, techniques and activities that will be introduced.

English Conversation by Daniel Moonasar

Teaching students how to have authentic conversations can be extremely difficult. We most often teach conversation to pass an exam on speaking but rarely get the opportunity to teach conversation for its real purpose of communication. In this module, we will examine and practice a communicative approach to conversations in which students and teachers have the opportunity to improve their confidence in having conversations while learning to not fear mistakes and failures.

Academic Writing by Eric Flynn

The ability to read and write academically is an important skill to have, not only for school, but in order to advance professionally. The only problem is that teaching and learning it can be dull and difficult. In this module, trainees will learn about the basic essay structure and how to assess essay writing. In addition, various reading strategies and activities will be introduced. Then the all important question of motivation will be tackled in the final part of the module.

Cultures of English Speaking Countries by Maureen Kelly

Like any culture, Western culture is diverse and can be a daunting subject to teach to Korean students. There are so many different methods to teach the subject. In this module, there will be discussion on the importance of teaching Western culture in English classes along with potential issues and possible solutions to these issues. Various aspects of Western culture (food, holidays, travel, customs and courtesies, superheroes, etc.) and ample examples of textbook extension activities and concepts will be introduced along with how to assess various assignments.

Career English by Sandra Tran

In the beginning of the module, trainees will learn about the similarities and differences between Korean and Western corporate culture. Through this examination and discussion, trainees may receive some ideas about how to teach about business culture in their own class. Afterwards, the trainees will be introduced to various activities, teaching tips and techniques, and projects related to teaching Career English. A sample includes ability to read recruitment ads, resume writing, and writing business/professional emails.

As always, if you’re interested in taking this (or any!) of our training programs here at GIGE, you can register over on our Korean site. We hope to see you soon.

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