What can School Visits do for You?

During the school semester, Korean public school teachers can apply for GIGE’s School Visit program. If accepted, they will be assigned one of GIGE’s teacher trainers with whom they can collaborate for two weeks of teaching. GIGE’s instructor will work with the applying teacher to plan classes, then visit the school (either in person or through Zoom) in order to help the teacher implement the classes which they planned together.

Benefits of School Visits

Of course, school visits are a great chance for students to get exposure to native English and a great way for teachers to add some excitement to their classes. But school visits are about more than just the students. It’s also for the teachers. Here are some ways they can benefit Korean school teachers.

1. Learning New Methods
One of the challenges with being a teacher is learning new methods and skills. Often, teachers are on their own when planning and teaching lessons. This means that most of the teaching methods they experience are their own. School visits are an opportunity for teachers to get exposure to different methods of instruction from an experienced education professional. While a seminar might only give a few hours worth of theory, school visits are a chance to see and apply theory to an entire lesson!

2. Teacher Workshops
In addition to lesson collaboration, school visits allow participating teachers to request workshops. Any number of teaching hours the school requests from the GIGE instructor can be used for a workshop. During this time, the GIGE instructor will work with the school teacher (and any other of the school’s teachers who wish to attend) to share methods for improving their classes, addressing challenges in their classrooms, or providing resources.

A slide from a teachers’ workshop presentation

3. Applying GIGE Course Content
Throughout the year, GIGE offers a wide variety of courses on teaching methodology. In these courses, participating teachers learn a large assortment of classroom skills and techniques. School visits can be a good chance for these teachers to work with the instructors who taught them, and get hands-on training for implementing the skills they learned about in their course.

4. Potential for Future Collaboration
GIGE instructors aren’t only accessible during school visits. They’re also available throughout the year for giving special lectures or assisting with various curricula. By working with a GIGE representative, teachers can establish connections who are willing to help them with future needs.

Methodology in Motion

Successful teaching is more about just learning theory. It’s about seeing it in action. Consider a school visit as a way to exchange ideas, learn new skills, and add a dash of change to your curriculum!

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