2023 EPIK Teacher Training Program

What is the EPIK Teacher Training Program?

From May 8th to 10th, around sixty Native English Teachers in Gyeonggi province will have the opportunity to participate in the teacher training program. This year, our EPIK teacher training is back on the GIGE campus. On-site, teachers will learn and share ideas about teaching methods and the Korean school environment. They also will acquire teaching tips and techniques they can use in their own classroom. Best of all, the EPIK teachers have the opportunity to meet and network with each other.


Our GIGE teacher trainers work hard to prepare a variety of diverse course offerings for the trainees. For the 2023 EPIK Teacher Training Program, five different modules are offered. Trainees will have the opportunity to take four out of five modules.

Descriptions of the modules are as follows:

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Beyond the ABCs: Phonics and Phonemic Awareness in the EFL Classroom – Betsey Norman

Trainees will explore the core components of structured literacy and how it applies to the Korean EFL classroom. Strategies for developing strong readers will be analyzed and adapted to meet the needs of trainees’ individual situations as well as teaching styles. Finally, trainees will gain practical experience in teaching and engaging with early reading skills and how these skills might develop from elementary to secondary classrooms.

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Understanding and Enhancing Your Role as an NET – Daniel Moonasar

In this course, we will look behind the scenes at what drives and steers your role as a NET. We will look at the structure and goals of the Korean education system, the learning achievement standards, the responsibilities your students have to fill, how your school interprets all of this, and how you fit into this massive education machine. During this behind-the-scenes look, we will share our experiences to better help other teachers and you will pick up tips and strategies to enhance your time here as a NET.

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Accuracy in EFL: Balancing Detail with Fluidity – Eric Flynn

English teachers often debate the role of accuracy in their lessons: how much time should be spent on grammar, when they should correct a student’s pronunciation, and more. This module will give advice to teachers on when and how much they should fix their students’ English, issues to be on the lookout for, and activities for improving their student’s English accuracy.

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The Teacher’s Toolbox of Classroom Resources – Sandra Tran

Effective classroom resource management is one of the keys to being a successful teacher. Whether you’re a seasoned teacher or just starting out, this module is designed to equip you with a toolbox of skills and strategies for finding, using, and adapting various resources to fit your needs in the EFL classroom. We will take a look at resources that cater to different classroom environments such as in-person classes, online classes, and no-tech classes, to ensure that you are prepared for any possible scenarios that may arise. 

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Vocabulary Building Strategies – Maureen Kelly

This module provides trainees with tips, discussions and resources for identifying, using and reinforcing vocabulary learning skills. Included are adaptable classroom tasks and tools, as well as edu-tech tools and other resources. 

Shuttle Bus Direction(s)

  1. Trainees should exit Pyeongtaek Station Exit 2 (평택역 2번 출구).
  2. The coordinator (David Kim) will be in the area around the Pyeongtaek Station sign. (Picture 2)
  3. Once all the trainees have been accounted for, the shuttle bus will arrive and take us to Gyeonggi-do Institute for Global Education (GIGE).
  4. Trainees should arrive at 10:00 am so we can leave Pyeongtaek Station for GIGE at 10:30 am sharp.

If you miss the shuttle bus, then you must provide your own method of transportation to GIGE.

The address is 경기도 평택시 안중읍 안현로서1길 40 경기도국제교육원

If you are going to be miss the shuttle bus or if you are going to come to GIGE using your own method of transportation, please let the coordinator (David Kim) know via email, gifle.coordinator@gmail.com, or phone (031) 680 3626.

Note: Please review the menu before you come to GIGE. If you are not able to eat the food the cafeteria provides then you can bring your own food. On each floor of Oak Hall Dormitory, there is a lounge with a microwave and fridge. You may heat and eat your food there during meal times. To view the Oak Hall Lounge, please click here.

In addition, the Korean menu below is provided for your convenience.

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