2023 English Conversation Program Round 1

What is the English Conversation Program?

The English Conversation Program (ECP) is a two week program for teachers in any elementary, middle, or high school in Gyeonggi Province who want to improve their English proficiency skills. The goals of the program are to enhance English language skills by learning about different topics and, of course, to develop motivation and interest to further study English.

This year, we’ll have a two different rounds of ECP – the first one will occur in April and the second one happened in October. Follow us over on LinkedIn or check out our Korean website for more up-to-date information about this program; it sells out seats faster than a BTS concert so you’ll need to act quickly!

What kind of courses do you offer in the ECP?

We’re offering three different levels of courses this year. You can read more about each course below

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Fundamentals of Conversation

Beginner Level

Instructors : Eric Flynn and Sandra Tran

Fundamentals of Conversation will focus on strengthening trainees’ speaking skills with the basic topics of English dialogue. In this course, they’ll practice discussing family, leisure, travel, and more. Participants will be provided with an environment with which to practice these skills, then apply them with both small and large-group conversations with other trainees and their instructor.

Emotional Conversations

Intermediate Level

Instructors : Daniel Moonasar and David Kim

Have you ever been so angry at school? Felt peaceful while home alone? Or maybe even fallen in love? You have? Well, come on down to our intermediate English class and get comfy. We are going to discuss our experiences feeling emotions. Get ready to share, laugh, and be surprised at how much English you know. And don’t worry the instructors won’t make all the questions you get to create some questions to discuss as well. Our goal is to make sure you have a memorable time while using your English skills. We can’t wait to see you.

To see a sample of learning materials for this course, click here.

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Content-based Conversation

Advanced Level

Instructor : Betsey Norman

In this module, trainees will participate in engaging conversation centered on a range of topics from artificial intelligence to education. These content-based topics will be supported by articles, videos, and more to encourage deep thinking and meaningful discussion throughout the program.

For examples of the type of materials trainees will be engaging with please click here and take a look at last year’s Advanced Class Padlet.

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