Professional Enrichment Program for Elementary Teachers (March)

Coming at you in March:

Date(s) : March 28th ~ 30th and April 1st, 2023 (online)

Number of Trainees: 70 Elementary Teachers

Location: Gyeonggi-do Institute for Global Education

Preview of the Mods:

Structured Approaches to Developing Strong Readers in the EFL Classroom

Instructor : Betsey Norman

In this module, trainees will explore the two sides of early reading competancy; language comprehension and decoding. An in-depth look at phonemic awareness will set the stage for several hands-on activities designed to build trainee confidence in incorprating strategies for developing strong readers in the EFL elementary classroom.

Engaging Students through Read Aloud

Instructor : Daniel Moonasar

Reading aloud and storytelling are highly underrated skills for both teachers and students. Reading aloud helps with confidence, reading, and speaking fluency while allowing students to learn critical listening skills. In this module, we will examine and practice read-aloud skills that can be used by both teachers and students, look at resources and books to use for reading aloud, and finally share our experiences with reading aloud in our own classrooms.

Thoughts and Considerations for Teaching Elementary English Writing

Instructor : David Kim

Out of the four language skills, writing is the most difficult to acquire. In addition, students are using devices to communicate instead of pen and paper. Faced with these difficulties, teaching writing can be daunting. This module provides lesson ideas, activities, tips and techniques in order to better understand and be equiped for teaching writing to elementary students.

Game Implementation and Application

Instructor : Eric Flynn

It’s no secret that students love to play games in class. But while games might be fun for students, they aren’t necessarily so for teachers. Educators can encounter a plethora of challenges when it comes to games: fostering an atmosphere of healthy competition, making gameplay engaging, material management, and more. This module will help teachers to incorporate games into their classes with greater ease and success.

Developing Proactive Listening and Speaking Skills in the Classroom

Instructor : Sandra Tran

People are often stuck in a routine of learning activities that are focused on passive and active skills that are no longer helping them improve. Developing proactive skills to language learning can help push past the learning block. This module focuses on proactive listening and speaking skills adapted from business-model practices that are adjusted to help language learners overcome that language-block plateau. Trainees will reflect on their personal and/or classroom learning style and learn how to adjust their methods to include more activities that promote proactive listening and speaking skills.

If you missed us this time, no problem. There will be more chances in the future. Visit us on our Korean site for more information.

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