Professional Enrichment Program for Elementary Teachers (January and February)

Basic Info on this program:

Date(s) : January 17th ~ 18th, 2023 (in-person), February 7th ~ 9th, 2023 (online)

Number of Trainees: 60 Elementary Teachers

Location: Gyeonggi-do Institute for Language Education

This is what we got comin’ at you for January and February:

Storybook Crash Course: Get Started with Reading in the EFL Classroom

Instructor : Autumn Wright

The elementary school English textbook can be hard to get through for teachers and students. In this module, an alternative to the English textbook, story books, will be presented and discussed so trainees can have ideas about how to utilize them as a fun way to learn English and access to resources so they can develop their lessons.

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Planning and Preparing for English Writing in the Elementary Classroom

Instructor : Betsey Norman

Trainees will look at how to plan and implement extended writing activities based on the target language in the 5th grade English curriculum. Example activities were analyzed for objective and purpose before trainees had time to create their own activity with their group members.

Analyzing and Developing Methods for Teaching Vocabulary in Elementary Schools

Instructor : Chris Sanders

Trainees will examine current vocabulary teaching strategies, learn how to implement new methods, and examine and modify current elementary level activities to enhance vocabulary learning.

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Phonics Methods and Activities

Instructor : Eric Flynn

In this module, teachers will be introduced to phonics and how to teach them to elementary students of all grades. Teachers will be receive lots of ideas and share information on how to teach students how to sound out and/or read English letters and/or words.

Interactive Speaking Activities

Instructor : Kristina Kauss

In this module, different ways to motivate and get students to actively participate in speaking and task-based learning in the classroom will be introduced. It looks at taking regular learning exercises and making them into engaging and challenging activities that even the lowest level student could participate.

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If you missed us this time, no problem. There will be more chances in the future. Visit us on our Korean site for more information.

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