Using English in the English Classroom (UEEC) for Elementary Teachers – December

The 411 on this training program ….

Date(s) : December 13th ~ 15th and 17th, 2022

Number of Trainees: 60 Elementary Teachers

Location: Online via Zoom

This is what we got comin’ at you for December:

Storybook Crash Course: Get Started with Reading in the EFL Classroom

Instructor : Autumn Wright

The elementary school English textbook can be hard to get through for teachers and students. In this module, an alternative to the English textbook, story books, will be presented and discussed so trainees can have ideas about how to utilize them as a fun way to learn English and access to resources so they can develop their lessons.

a girl lying down while reading a storybook

colleagues shaking each other s hands

Building the Collaborative Skill in the Elementary EFL Classroom

Instructor : Betsey Norman

Building collaboration is more than just putting students together. If this was the case, then collaboration would happen more often. There are tips and techniques to consider when trying to make any assignment or project collaborative. This module takes into consideration a variety of issues when getting students to work together for a common goal.

Presentation Skills for Teachers and Students

Instructor : Chris Sanders

Presentation skills are important to have and needs to be developed. This module provides tips and techniques of how to present well. A variety of issues (body language, voice, eye contact, etc) will be discussed. In addition, trainees will practice their skills so they are able to be confident when in their classes.

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Idioms in Elementary Education

Instructor : Eric Flynn

Idioms and proverbs are not only a fun way to learn language, but also a fun way to learn culture. In this module, trainees will be exposed to lots of idioms, their meanings, and uses in context. It would not be a teaching methodology program if there wasn’t any activities and resources that can help teach idioms and proverbs to elementary school students. Trainees definitely will get those too.

Eco Education in the Elementary Classroom

Instructor : Kristina Kauss

The environment is a popular theme in Korean English textbooks. Using the environment as a theme, trainees will learn about theme-based learning and project-based assessment along with many ideas, samples and resources will be shared.

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This is the last GIFLE English program of 2022!! If you were not able to take our training programs this year, then make sure to check us out in 2023. We will update our 2023 Program Calendar soon or you can visit our Korean site for more information.

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