Using English in the English Classroom (UEEC) for Elementary Teachers – November

This is what we got comin’ at you for November:

Quick Writing Activities for the Elementary EFL Classroom

Instructor : Autumn Wright

Ideally, teachers would like to spend lots of time on constructing the perfect lesson for their students. Sometimes, there just isn’t enough time to think through every aspect of a lesson. Teachers need something quick and easy. Trainees will learn some tips and techniques for teaching writing that can be applicable in most Korean textbook units.

Extensive Reading Tools and Tips for the Elementary EFL Classroom

Instructor : Betsey Norman

How can teachers motivate their students to enjoy reading in a second language? This is a question that teachers have had to struggle with for a while. This module tackles this issue with presentations, discussions and suggestions on how to internally motivate students to enjoy reading in English.

How to Use Gamification to Enhance Activities in the Classroom

Instructor : Chris Sanders

What if students are having fun in English class without play games? Many teachers might feel this might be an impossible task but there are methods of gamifying activities or lessons without calling them games. This modules shows you those ways to make lessons fun and engaging without actually setting up and playing games. But you will also get games too (Don’t worry.)

Phonics Methods and Activities

Instructor : Eric Flynn

In this module, teachers will be introduced to phonics and how to teach them to elementary students of all grades. Teachers will be receive lots of ideas and share information on how to teach students how to sound out and/or read English letters and/or words.

Speaking Activities for the Elementary Classroom

Instructor : Kristina Kauss

The above modules have dealt with subjects of reading, writing, games and phonics. This one is the speaking module. Teachers will be exposed to many speaking activities and ways to motivate students to speak in English as much as they can.

Program Information

Date(s) : November 14th ~ 17th and 19th, 2022

Number of Trainees: 60 Elementary Teachers

Location: Online via Zoom (Nov. 14 ~ 17) and off-site location (Nov. 19)

The other round of EUEEC will take place in December, so if you couldn’t make it to the November training, we hope to see you in December or in 2023. As always, you can find more information and sign up on our Korean site.

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