2022 English Conversation Teachers (ECT) Program

What is learned during the ECT Program?

This program is a teaching methodology-based training program specifically for English Conversation Teachers in Gyeonggi province. All elementary and secondary English subject teachers are encouraged to register for the training program in order to enhance their knowledge of teaching tips and techniques and/or attain lesson ideas and concepts.

This year’s program consists of 5 different modules. The trainees will choose 4 out of 5 modules of their choice. The choices are explained below:

  1. Adapting Activities for Low Level and Multicultural Students (Autumn Wright)

Course Description :

In the Korean EFL classroom, there are two sets of students who can easily get left behind: those with low levels of English and/or those with low levels of Korean. In this module, we’ll discuss how to create and adapt activities for both groups. We’ll go over differentiation and other techniques you can easily implement in your own classroom to make sure every child has the chance to succeed.

2. Connecting Vocabulary Across Units in the Lower Grade Elementary EFL Classroom (Betsey Norman)

Course Description :

In order to keep vocabulary in our long term memory, we need to use it. But often, elementary students use the vocabulary they learn once or twice but then move on to the next set of words. In this module, we will explore how to connect the vocabulary students already know to new vocabulary utilizing authentic projects and activities.

3. Project Ideas for After School Classes (Chris Sanders)

Course Description :

Like all teachers in Gyeonggi Province, English Conversation Teachers may be asked to provide after school instructions at their respective schools. During this time, they may or may not have a set curriculum for them to teach. What should they teach? How can they manage the students during these classes? These are some questions that will be discussed during this module. Tips and techniques on how to design and implement curriculum for after school classes will be presented so the trainees can immediately utilize them in their classroom setting.

4. Effective Classroom Dynamics (Eric Flynn)

Course Description :

Teaching English is about more than just making students better at reading, writing, and speaking. English teachers also need to know proper ways to give feedback to students, strategies for managing group work, how much Korean to use in the classroom, and much more. This module will present teachers with a wide variety of tips to help maximize the effectiveness of their lessons and ultimately equip their students with the tools and mindsets needed for a successful future.

5. Theme-based Learning: Connecting Units with Long-term Themes (Kristina Kauss)

Course Description :

This module will be a step by step guide to theme-based learning. Discussions and presentations will be developed on the idea of how to create theme-based learning in the Korean elementary and secondary education context. Benefits and challenges will be presented along with concrete examples of lessons and projects that have been previously done. Through these discussions, presentations and examples, trainees will be able to create their own ideas on how to create theme-based learning lesson series and teach it in their classrooms.

Program Details

Date(s) : Monday, November 7th ~ Thursday, November 10th, 2022

Saturday, November 12, 2022

Location : Live Online Classes via Zoom

Number of Trainees : 60 elementary and/or secondary English Conversation Teachers

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