2022 EPIK Teacher Training Program

What is the EPIK Teacher Training Program?

From October 25th to October 27th, around sixty EPIK teachers in Gyeonggi will have the opportunity to participate in the teacher training program. This year, our EPIK teacher training is hosted on online via Zoom. At the training program, teachers will have the opportunity learn and share ideas about teaching methods and the Korean school environment. They also will acquire teaching tips and techniques they can use in their own classroom. Best of all, the EPIK teachers had the opportunity to meet and network with each other.

We really hope you enjoy everything we’ve planned for this training program. Possibly in the future, we will be able to schedule and organize an in-person training program.


Our instructors at GIFLE worked hard to prepare a variety of diverse course offerings for our EPIK trainees. For the 2022 EPIK Teacher Training Program, five different modules were offered. Trainees will have the opportunity to take all five modules.

Detailed information and Course Materials can be viewed here.

Korean Educational Policy and Curriculum Standards – Autumn Wright

In this module, trainees will learn about the curriculum standards and policy surrounding English education in South Korea. They will discuss the education climate as well as the situations in their own schools. Finally, they will learn how to find and adapt supplemental materials for their classrooms following the discussed educational policy and standards.

Diversity and Inclusion – Betsey Norman

Trainees will be engaging with multicultural education policy and practice in South Korea and exploring best practices in diversity and how they can relate to the South Korean context. Discussion and analysis of diversity and inclusion in South Korea will be supplemented by tools, model activities and the creation of a multicultural education plan for action.

Writing Lessons and Activities – Chris Sanders

This module will look at various writing strategies that EPIK teachers can implement in their classes as well as types of writing, such as academic or creative. We will also explore assessments for writing. Trainees can discuss designing syllabi, lesson plans and choosing objectives for writing classes. 

Verbal Scaffolding Strategies – Eric Flynn

Verbal scaffolding is a rudimentary technique crucial to getting students to produce English. However, we often fail to consider or utilize this strategy as much as we should. This module will help bring greater awareness to this technique and hone trainees’ skill in implementing it. 

Vocabulary Building Strategies and Tools – Kristina Kauss

This module provides trainees with tips, discussions and resources for identifying, using and reinforcing vocabulary learning skills. Included are adaptable classroom tasks and tools, as well as edu tech tools and other resources. 

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