2022 English Conversation Program Round 2

What is the English Conversation Program (ECP)?

The English Conversation Program (ECP) is a two week program for teachers in any elementary, middle, or high school in Gyeonggi Province who want to improve their English proficiency skills. The goals of the program are to enhance English language skills by learning about different topics, cultivate cultural knowledge of English-speaking countries, and, of course, to develop motivation and interest to further study English.

This year, we’ll have a few different rounds of ECP – the first one took place in the spring and the second one happened in October. Sadly, the English Conversation Program is over for this year, but next year (2023) we’ll be offering at least a few rounds of it. Follow us over on LinkedIn or check out our Korean website for more up-to-date information about this program; it sells out seats faster than a BTS concert so you’ll need to act quickly!

What kind of courses do you offer in the ECP?

We’re offering three different levels of courses this year. You can read more about each course below

Beginner Level Class: Interaction of the Week with Eric Flynn and Kristina Kauss

In the beginner-level class, trainees will learn the basics of English conversation and interaction from experienced educators Eric and Kristina. Trainees will go from giving basic introductions all the way to giving opinions. Along the way they’ll talk about weather and sports, give directions, and order food from cafes and restaurants.

To sample the materials for this course, click here.

Intermediate Level Classes: Coffee Shop English with Autumn Wright and Chris Sanders

In this course, we’ll go over practical English that you could overhear at any coffee shop in an English-speaking country, with topics like health, pop culture, and family. We’ll learn new vocabulary, idioms, and ways to communicate in an authentic, modern way. Every week we’ll incorporate a game or activity to help you learn the new vocabulary and idioms in fun, engaging ways.

To sample the materials for this course, click here.

Advanced Level Class: Current Events and Contemporary Issues with Betsey Norman

In the advanced level class, trainees will explore deep topics and relevant issues. They will then discuss their opinions, as well as gain new insights provided by the course content.

To sample the materials for this course, click here.

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