EPD (aka 초등 영어수업역량강화 연수 in Korean) is a methodology program for elementary school teachers within Gyeonggi Province. During this program, trainees will have the chance to learn about activity-based lessons, develop class activities associated with daily life, and learn how to enhance their students’ conversation and overall English skills. This year, we are offering four different tracks for trainees to follow.

Process Drama in the Hybrid Classroom, Instructor/Course Designer: Angie

In this module, trainees will explore how to integrate process drama activities into their English language learning classrooms. Process drama conventions can be powerful learning tools in which young learners can explore content, concepts, and text in the curriculum or from authentic materials. Trainees will experience and analyze different types of techniques that activate imagination and creativity while fostering students’ language acquisition. 

Creating Nonfiction Picture Books Through CLIL, Instructor/Course Designer: Autumn

In this module, trainees will learn what CLIL is, the elements needed for students to be able to write a nonfiction story in their L2, and how to create a scaffolded nonfiction story book using an online platform called BookCreator. We will examine different sources of nonfiction and learn how they can be incorporated into the language classroom. Discussion about how such a project – creating nonfiction through CLIL – might be performed in the hybrid classroom or using alternative online tools will also take place. Finally, trainees will have the chance to workshop their own scaffolded nonfiction book outlines for their students.

Multi-Platform Units for the Elementary Classroom, Instructor/Course Designer: Betsey

In this course, trainees will look at how to use multi-platform units such as Google Slides, Jamboard, and Padlet to create more dynamic lessons and engage students. Trainees will then explore how to integrate multiple online tools into one cohesive lesson or unit. These units or lessons can help with engagement as well as provide opportunities for differentiation.

Games and Activities for Multiple Expressions, Instructor/Course Designer: Eric

Classroom activities and games can be valuable supplements to class material, but they can take time to formulate. Meanwhile, those provided in textbooks often aren’t suited towards teacher needs. This course will familiarize trainees with methods for streamlining the creative process in order to quickly and easily create games for a wide variety of topics. Trainees will also get hands-on training with the chance to create, and receive feedback on, their own games and activities.

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