2021 – EPIK Teacher Training Program

What is the EPIK Teacher Training Program?

From June 28th to July 1st, around sixty EPIK teachers in Gyeonggi had the opportunity to visit a virtual version of GIFLE. This year, our EPIK teacher training was partially hosted on Gather Town, which you can read more about here. At the training program, teachers had the opportunity learn and share ideas about teaching methods, school life, and Korean culture. They also acquired teaching tips and techniques they can use in their own classroom. Best of all, the EPIK teachers had the opportunity to meet and network with each other.

We had a great time meeting all of our trainees virtually! We really hope enjoyed everything we’ve planned for you.


Our instructors at GIFLE worked hard to prepare a variety of diverse course offerings for our EPIK trainees. For the 2021 EPIK Teacher Training Program, five different modules were offered. Trainees had the opportunity to take four out of the five modules, depending on their preferences and course availability.

Engaging Students Through Read Alouds – Angie Lee

In this course, trainees will participate in workshops to build storytelling skills and make read alouds more dynamic. We will examine the what, why, and how of reading aloud to students with resources for adding curriculum-based, themed, or multicultural storybooks to the English language classroom. We will explore ways read alouds build language comprehension, creativity, and critical thinking skills in students. 

Professional Development in ESL – Autumn Wright

In this module, EPIK teachers will learn about different ways to engage in professional development. They will explore career options in ESL, and learn how they can better their resume, teaching credentials, and make themselves a more viable candidate. 

Action in the Classroom – Betsey Norman

In this module, EPIK teachers will explore action in the classroom, which integrates movement and adventure into English-language lessons. This module showcases storytelling, station learning and classroom transformations and how these tools might work with Korean textbook lessons. Trainees will be able to take this knowledge and integrate more action in their own classrooms.

Speaking Practice Through Theatre – Elizabeth Baldwin

EPIK teachers will be introduced to a variety of theatre activities that can be used in the English language classroom to provide opportunities for authentic speaking practice.  Teachers will experience sample activities and review different methods for grouping students that encourage maximum engagement. Finally, teachers will leave with a lesson plan they can use in their classroom right away. 

Navigating Korean Culture – Eric Flynn

In this course, trainees will dive deeper into Korean culture, beyond the basic “tip of the iceberg.”  The course will explore nuances in underlying mentalities and traditions, as well as how they pertain to the trainees’ work and social lives.

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